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This view on Sonny opens up their relationship and brings them closer than ever before. After this he worked selling papers, unloading boats and selling coal at a cart since he was very poor, but also wanted to buy his own first instrument.

Sonny brother means that listening to the pain that Sonny sings bout is a pain that he can relate too. The music relied on instinct rather than on rigid structures. For Sonny, the world is an entirely different place from the one his older brother grew up in and, as a result, needs new artistic forms to convey its reality.

On the other hand we have our main character of the story, Sonny. I liked how the timeline of the story was anything but linear; the first few pages were written in what seemed to be present tense, and then the flashback started.

He felt as If his dreams were crushed and he was not willing to accept this. However when he moves in with his brother and his family they are not very appreciative of his dream and cant bear the constant practicing. Historical Context and Setting: This music was a way of the music led to many troubles in his life as well as stress for the family and love ones in his life.

At the age of fourteen, Baldwin underwent a dramatic religious conversion in a Harlem church, an event described in detail in "The Fire Next Time" and used in his first novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain. Harlem is plagued by drugs, poverty, and frustration, but members of the community come together to watch over and protect one another.


This novel denounces racism and the poor treatment of blacks during the s and was considered one of the literary masterpieces of that era.

One brother is locked up in prison while the other one is a teacher. Literature also reveals the hardships that blacks went through during the time of slavery and values that they had when they were forced to do everything for the white man including them being accused of every small issue or social act towards white women.

His only brother lacks the support that he needs and this was the start of a destructive relationship between the two brothers. Work Cited Baldwin, James. According to Campbell, Baldwin "knew the Bible so well that he coloured his phrases with Old Testament rhetoric and poetry, with full conviction" 10and Baldwin's "personal theology" was drawn from the Bible The following paper will illustrate these two characters and the life situations they have to cope with growing up and living.

Indeed, the King James Bible became his signal literary text during his Harlem childhood. He has a love for this type of music and he can see himself playing and listening to this type of music for the rest of his life. For musicians like Sonny, the freedom of expression that came with bebop was a chance to live freely, defy social conventions and norms, and create something utterly original.

Slaves were often not allowed to speak with one another while working, so they improvised by communicating through song.

The meaning of these words is that Sonny needs the drugs in his system to be successful in the music, and it is a way for him to come out and let the world know his pain. Sonny replies with a long explanation of why and how he ends up where he is. After a few weeks of living together the narrator debates whether or not to search Sonnys room.

Unlike his brother, the narrator attempts to escape his surroundings by joining the army, which was what most men were forced into, but later realizes this could have been the worst decision of his life. Yet the narrator, also a teacher, seems to be more of a father than a brother to him and sees Sonny in his students because he seems to struggle with the hopelessness in his life that he and the narrators students cant avoid.

This role as king also has an important juxtaposition in the novel as the narrator takes the reader back to growing up together as children in Harlem with their mother Shannon The juxtaposition of these two characters is an interesting debate on life and being black.

The Harlem Renaissance was also a time period that included cooperation and practically relationships between African Americans and Whites. Knowing that his music meant nothing to them or his older brother made him feel as if he is a waste. Bebop, as it came to be known, was a radical new form of jazz.

Since their mothers death, Sonnys life has been ruined by prison and drug abuse. So there is really a connectivity between this to persons if we see all there aspects of what they have been through in there very miserable old lives but also of what they could accomplish after they had such lives, specifically throughout the inspiration of jazz music that was both in Sonny and in Louis Armstrong.

For many of the great musicians of that era, drugs were a constant temptation. She also tells him that when his father was young he watched his brother get run down by a car full of white men, leaving his father traumatized for the rest of his life.

Sonny could not fight this pain. Bird in Sonnys BluesBird became known as one of the Bebop greatsBebop at the time was a new subgenre or form of Jazz, favored by the youth and incredibly popularSonny refers to Louis Armstrongs music as down home crap pg.

Eventually they meet and fight about Sonnys life decisions. View this essay on Rich Brother vs Sonny's Blues. It is intriguing to observe how the narrator and Pete focus on detaching themselves from their brothers and Essay Rich Brother vs Sonny s Blues and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

This book talks about family relations, politics, religion, and many other social issues including music, drug abuse, among others. In order to understand the role and contribution of every character in this book, thorough analysis is required.

analyzing the narrator as a character. In his book Sonny’s Blues, James Baldwin uses a. Sonny's Blues Reader Response Posted by yet he wanted to get away from Harlem. I believe that music kind of acted as Sonny's redemption in a way, and was kind of the center of the story itself.

I thought the dialogue was very realistic, and it fit the two characters.

Sonny Blues

The narrator fills the typical big brother role and takes. Sonnys Blues specifically for you. Harlem plays a major role in the narrator’s life and his relationship with Sonny because it is where they were both born and raised.

the people, the houses, the music, the dark, the quicksilver barmaid, with menace; and this menace was their reality” (58). The narrator realizes that Harlem is a.

Nov 13,  · By playing the blues in that light, the entire story comes together in connecting both the darkness and the light and what role the blues play in “Sonny’s Blues”.

Sonny’s Blue Critical Analysis

The blues were not new in thought, but Creole and his boys continued to keep it as if it were to avoid the risk of ruin for the sake of search for new ways to make one listen.

While music becomes the integral part of bringing the brothers back together, it had a shaky start as a part of their relationship. Sonny had started playing the piano while living at his brother’s in-laws.

Role of music in sonnys blues
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